Is copper sustainable?

Yes! Copper is an incredibly sustainable material that can be recycled time and time again without any loss of properties. When a copper product reaches the end of its lifecycle, it can be recovered, melted down and then cast into a new product, ready for use again. 

The US Geological Survey conducted research into the world’s copper resources and discovered there are approximately 5.6 billion metric tonnes in circulation, a figure more than sufficient to surpass both current and future demand. 

To date, at least 65% of all copper mined since 1900 remains available for use. Because of copper’s unique ability to be recycled over and over without any loss in performance or properties, around half of Europe’s copper demand is currently being met by recycled materials and approximately 30% of demand globally, drastically reducing the need for mining. 

Learn more about the sustainability credentials of copper and the importance of using fully recyclable materials over single-use alternatives such as plastic by following the links below. 

The plastic greenwash

Plastic pollution is disrupting the environment and threatening human health, yet plastic manufacturers routinely deny the material’s devastating impact.

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Copper recycling

As an infinitely recyclable material with an already established scrap collecting infrastructure, copper is well placed to meet the needs of both present and future generations.

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The circular economy

The climate crisis drives a necessity for more sustainable modes of living, focusing on the elimination of waste and the reuse of everyday materials.

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An infinitely recyclable material

Whether it’s used in plumbing fixtures or electrical wiring, copper can be recovered from end-of-life products and then recycled to start the process again.

It’s why copper is such a great alternative to single-use plastics — which are growing in use across the plumbing and construction industries — and why the material will prove vital in the transition to a circular economy.

Watch the lifecycle of copper unfold in the video below.

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