Born from the growing demand for sustainability and longevity in construction and plumbing, the Copper Sustainability Partnership – CuSP for short – aims to challenge, educate and inform how copper plays a vital part in a more sustainable future.


Copper is an everyday essential

Did you know just how versatile copper is? Thanks to its infinite recyclability and thermal and electrical conductivity copper has become an essential part of our everyday lives.

Its versatility lends itself to a wide variety of appliances, from public transport to cars and in our homes and offices copper is all around us, safely and efficiently transporting water, gas and electricity.

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What is CuSP all about?

CuSP champions environmental thinking, insight sharing and collaboration, and encourages the use of copper as a material that is fit for the future.

Our aim is to tell the story of copper and stand up to the inaccuracies commonly seen in the plastics greenwash.

Standing alongside organisations such as the Alliance for Sustainable Building Products, we say that the time has come to combat the over-use of plastics in the construction industry and elsewhere, finding a way forward that works with our natural world.


Copper can be recycled over and over again without any loss of quality, making it a superb alternative to single-use materials.

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Why copper?

With a host of unique properties, copper is an incredibly versatile material that’s used widely across a range of trades.

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Fire safety

Owing to its naturally high melting point, copper is the safe choice for piping when compared with flammable plastics.

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Infinite uses and infinitely recyclable

Copper holds the key to mitigate some of the challenges stemming from a modern way of life. Using copper can help reduce pollution, support the provision of green energy and help create more sustainable homes.

With sustainable construction and manufacturing more vital than ever, the choice of materials has become increasingly important as customers demand high-quality, environmentally friendly products.

Copper is long-lasting and degrades very little over time. It is 100% recyclable with no loss of properties, giving it an infinite lifecycle.

Copper lifecycle

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