About CuSP

Throughout history, copper has played a key part in innovation to bring about change, inventions and new opportunities.

The Copper Sustainability Partnership (CuSP) was created by two competing copper tube manufacturers, Lawton Tubes and Mueller Europe, who have joined forces to promote the environmental benefits of copper and fight back against the plastics greenwash.

CuSP wants to challenge norms and break the mould to achieve greater environmental thinking, insight sharing and collaboration, using copper as the driving force for a better future.

We welcome organisations and academia to get involved to create a UK-wide network to support the use of copper and the reduction of plastics within the trades.

To find out more or to join us please get in touch. 

CuSP Members

Lawton Tubes

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Mueller Europe

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Alliance for Sustainable Building Products

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Water Kinetics

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European Metal Recycling

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