Copper Sustainability Partnership announces three new members

The Copper Sustainability Partnership (CuSP), an association promoting the environmental benefits of copper in the construction and plumbing industries, has welcomed three new members.

Uniting with CuSP are AIM Solder, Materials in Mind and Safe Piping Matters.

In pursuit of a more sustainable world, CuSP along with the new members will fight against the plastics and synthetics greenwash, while championing copper’s sustainable qualities.

With facilities around the world, AIM Solder is a leading manufacturer of high-quality standard and custom industrial-grade metals and alloys for casting, plating and soldering.

Materials in Mind supports built environment organisations in refining and redefining business practices to meet changing industry standards, with a particular focus on circular economy thinking.

Based in the United States, Safe Piping Matters represents experts from academia and partners from the plumbing and water industries. It works to encourage architects, engineers and community leaders to prioritise the specification and construction of safe, healthy and resilient piping systems in buildings.

Paul Hagar, Executive Director of Safe Piping Matters, said: “Safe Piping Matters appreciates the collaborative approach, shared vision and deep knowledge that CuSP brings to plumbing and building professionals across the UK and beyond. We look forward to working with their outstanding team.”

Speaking of the new partnerships, Oliver Lawton, Co-founder of CuSP, said: “Welcoming three new like-minded companies as CuSP members, who are aligned with our passion for improving the sustainability of the industry, is a triumph.

“Joining forces with companies who operate across borders is a great step forward for CuSP and allows us to grow our global footprint and spread our message as far as possible. We’re eager to begin collaborating with these forward-thinking companies.”

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