CuSP member welcomes five new employees under its apprenticeship scheme

Five young apprentices have been given the opportunity to excel in their careers at the award-winning plumbing products manufacturer, Water Kinetics.

Water Kinetics specialises in bringing innovative change to the plumbing industry. Its patented copper piping solution, Eco Duo, is the world’s first single pipe recirculation system that can deliver water in a safe way, whilst providing up to a 50% cost reduction in energy charges.

The company’s QA Apprenticeship Scheme has allowed each member of staff to grow and develop applicable skills and qualifications to succeed within their chosen courses. Each diploma varies, with options including Digital Marketing, Software and Development, and Digital Application Support.

Through the apprenticeship scheme, Water Kinetics has taken on a mixture of individuals from different backgrounds that now have an amazing opportunity to succeed in the professional world. One of the successful applicants is Linzi Bellingham, who was a full-time hairdresser but had a career change and is now Admin Team Leader at Water Kinetics, carrying out an apprenticeship in Digital Application Support.

Becca McInnes also joined the apprenticeship scheme after struggling to find a job due to suffering from hearing loss and previously working in an unsupportive work environment. She has always been an artist from a young age – drawing and creating art was a hobby to her. Now, she is a Graphic Designer and her Digital Marketing apprenticeship will provide her with relevant skills to succeed in a creative marketing career.

Water Kinetics’ final three apprentices come from gaming and retail backgrounds, finding it hard to find a job they truly enjoyed. Through the scheme, the have succesfully entered roles in Sales and IT at Water Kinetics. The QA Apprenticeship will help shape each individual for their future ahead.

Elaine Waggott, Operations Director at Water Kinetics, said: “Investing in our company employees is what makes the DNA of Water Kinetics so special – whether it’s aiding their development through apprenticeships or qualifications, providing emotional and mental health support, or being flexible and actively employing those with disabilities. We believe our greatest success and assets are our staff and the work environment we have created.”

Oliver Lawton, Co-founder of CuSP, added: “It’s so important to nurture the young talent entering the plumbing and heating industry and we fully support Water Kinetics in their mission to grow and develop their team of apprentices.

“As we continue to face the plastics emergency, it’s never been more important to educate the younger generation of workers on the benefits of using copper over plastic. Copper has long been hailed as the ‘gold standard’ in plumbing and, by instilling this into the next generation of plumbing and heating professionals, we can ensure that copper remains the preferred choice for many years to come.”

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