A solution from the past for the future

As a society we are becoming increasingly aware of the long-term environmental impacts that have stemmed from the advancements to modern life made over recent decades. As we are seeking ways to reverse these environmental impacts it is becoming evidently clear the answer we look for may already exist and could be right in front of our eyes.

Copper was first used to deliver drinking water 4,000 years ago and is still used today, delivering clean, healthy water without the environmental impacts of alternative modern-day solutions.

Copper holds the key to mitigating some of the challenges that have been created as a result of modern life. Using copper in place of plastics wherever possible can help reduce pollution, limit the addition of yet more plastic waste in our waterways and improve public health; while supporting the provision of green energy, creating sustainable homes and driving innovation.

Whether it’s used in construction, plumbing, HVAC (heating and cooling), digital technology or healthcare, copper has plenty of benefits to offer, making it the perfect material for protecting our planet and meeting future growth and innovation needs.

Learn more about the various uses of copper below.

Copper uses